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About Emy Minzel

I own a small business in Baldwin Township. I am a mother, wife, volunteer and outdoor enthusiast. I have been a Board Member on The Friends of Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge for 4 years. I am a member of the Princeton Chamber of Commerce.

I am running to preserve and protect women's rights, the environment, and the stand up to the trend of over-reach of government in personal freedoms.

Issues of District 27

Womens Rights!

50% of the population are women. We work, pay bills, raise our children and nurture society. We deserve autonomy and quality in our healthcare choices. Our current Senator Andrew Matthews does not believe women are equal. He has stated that he looks forward to making laws that control our reproductive rights. Treating us no better than livestock. Religious freedom does not mean the right to impose religious repression on others. Period.

I refuse to let his thirst for female oppression take away the rights our grandmothers fought so hard for! Once it starts, where does it stop? Make no mistake, ladies. Your freedom is on the ballot this November.

Environmental Protections

Emy believes that water is life. We are so fortunate to live in the land of 10,000 lakes. Did you know statistics say over 50% of the waterways in Minnesota are already too polluted to swim in or eat the fish out of? This is not okay.

We must take the responsibility for caring for the Minnesota way of life we know and love. That means protecting the clean water we have left from any threats domestic or abroad. Climate Change is real. Look around. The nation is running out of clean water. There is already talk of running a water pipeline from Lake Superior to the southern states. We must protect the natural resources we are blessed with now so that we have a future to look forward to.

Affordable Housing

If you've been paying attention, you know that affordable housing is becoming a thing of the past. This greatly affects the younger generation and family planning. How are young adults supposed to have children without the security and safety of a roof over their heads?

Not only are house prices at an all-time high, but so are rental units; making it a struggle for individuals to care for themselves and their children. Not to mention the burden of astronomical student loan debts hanging over their heads for the foreseeable future.

We are not giving the coming generations what they need to thrive. This must be addressed at the State level.

Lower taxes for middle class

With a 9-billion-dollar State surplus, I think it is time to give back to the taxpayers of Minnesota. We must make it easier on small businesses and middle-class families that are carrying the burden of most of these taxes. It's time to reinvest in the working-class people and give them what they really need. A financial break!

We must stop the gridlock in the Senate and get things done for the people!

Equality for all

Emy believes that love is love and the government has no business making laws about who you love or what your family should look like. She fully supports equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. She also supports programs to help promote equality in the BIPOC communities of Minnesota. She also believes folks with disabilities should be able to get married without losing lifesaving benefits.

Legalize it

Emy believes that Cannabis is medicine. It is already legal in over half of the country. She believes if we are looking for new state revenue streams that won't reach directly into your pocket, we must pursue the legalization of marijuana. The most dangerous thing about cannabis is that it is illegal.

Also, the Fentonal crisis is real. It is smart to regulate cannabis with trusted sources, yet the commercial marijuana industry is making extreme profits while folks with minor possession charges are still in jail. This is not morally right and adversely affects predominantly people of color. I will support the bill that's already in the Senate. Let's catch up with the rest of the country and pass the legalization of marijuana in Minnesota.


Emy does believe law-abiding citizens do have the right to own firearms. She also believes that stronger more In-depth background checks will help prevent guns from getting into the hands of those who should not have them. She does believe that we must find a middle ground in preventing guns from getting into the hands of those who are not responsible or stable enough to have them.

She believes in raising the legal age of purchase of weapons to 25 years of age with a permit and waiting periods. Science states the human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. Let's trust science to help on this one. She believes including stronger background checks and RedFlag laws would be a good start to meeting in the middle.

Emy believes Involving local law enforcement in the background checks for assault-style weapons would help the federal government with more information needed to ensure safety. As it stands police could have been called to intervene on a specific person's actions of violence many times and if no charges are filed, this does not go on the federal background check.

I believe local authorities have this important information, and it should be considered when purchasing high-capacity weapons.

Other issues

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She believes that law-abiding citizens have the right to bear arms and that healthcare should be affordable for everyone.

She believes college and trade schools should not put our young adults into massive debt for decades.

She sees how family farmers are being ripped off with rock bottom pay for top dollar retail sales.

She also believes childcare should not be more than a mortgage payment.

The skyrocketing cost of inflation, health insurance, and out-of-pocket expense, not to mention the cost of childcare, gas, and groceries are keeping the next generation from thriving. We must help them now.

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Beth H.

I am truly scared for the future on young women in Minnesota. I am so thankful that Emy is willing to stand up for women in our district.

Brent K.

Emy is a well-rounded candidate that knows most people live in the middle of extreme politics. She supports womens rights and personal freedoms in firearm ownership. Good for her!

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Princeton, MN 55371